Order a Legionella Testing Kit

There have been 445 cases of Legionnaires' Disease reported since 1 January 2017. Order your testing kit today.

Which testing kit should I order?

Whatever sort of building you are testing, be it a care home, dental or GP surgery, commercial property or factory, you can use the same method, below, to work out what size testing kit you need to order.

How many hot water feeds do you have in the building or premises you wish to test?

It doesn’t have to be exact but we do advise customers to be as accurate as possible. Include any tap that has a hot water feed to it, even though the water temperature may be regulated, with temperature reducing valves or mixers, for example.

Divide this number by two, as we’re looking to test half of all the hot water outlets. This will give you the minimum number of outlets you need to take samples from, to ensure an adequate testing schedule. You can then order the correct kit below. If you require any extra guidance, please feel free to ring us on 0330 125 0161.

Please note: If you are looking to test more than one property, you will need to order a separate test kit for each of them.